We know how important it is to minimise waste and keep materials out of landfill, so we’ve made a high quality beach towel with pockets that is built to survive - and even thrive - in the elements.

Beyond being the best oversized travel towel around, Anchor Beach Co. is helping keep plastic out of our oceans. 

Money from every lightweight beach towel we sell is donated to The Ocean Clean Up - a not-for-profit that’s developing technologies to clean the world’s oceans of plastic. Learn more:

We deliver your beach towels to you in POLLAST!C mailers, made from 100% recycled soft plastic. 

POLLAST!C works with coastal communities to remove plastic pollution from local beaches and rivers before it reaches the ocean. The waste is then recycled into packaging.

Enter the batch number on your mailer to see where the plastic waste came from to make your bag: 

Now go bust a gust with the world’s first towel with pockets! The quick dry travel towel with a twist.  

Wholesale orders

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