About Anchor Beach Co.

The idea for Anchor Beach Co. hit like a stiff breeze.

We loved our lightweight big travel towels but were fed up with them folding over in light winds. 

Sand is our solution. 

We’ve reimagined the quick dry sand free beach towel with pockets you can stuff with sand to anchor your towel in place.

No weights, no worries. Our compact towels are easy to carry and easy on the eye. 

Anchor’s founders Mark and Priscilla are “hard at work” testing the lightweight beach towels with pockets wherever they can.

Join us and discover how much gust you can bust with an Anchor Beach Co. towel.

Wholesale orders

We’ve partnered with Faire to sell our wholesale products online to retailers worldwide.

Join today and get $100 off and a year of free shipping, covered by Faire.