Meet The Team

We love the beach - even the sand. 

However, piling it on the corners of our beach towels was a tired ritual and we knew there must be a better way.

From our kitchen in Melbourne, Australia, we dreamed up the world’s first sand secured towel and Anchor Beach Co. was born. 

Every weekend since, we’ve put our big beach towels with pockets to the test - so long as:

  • Mark had a weekend off as a reporter for 9News
  • Priscilla could take a moment from tending to her worm farm
  • and our dog Apollo could find a break between naps.

We hope you love our premium beach towels as much as we love spending all day at the beach.

It’s our mission to make those beach days as comfortable, colourful and clean as possible.

Buying an XL travel towel with hidden pockets from Anchor Beach Co. also helps get plastic out of our oceans. 

Money from every sale will be donated to The Ocean Clean Up, a world-leading, not-for-profit that’s developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s seas of plastic.

Wholesale orders

We’ve partnered with Faire to sell our wholesale products online to retailers worldwide.

Join today and get $100 off and a year of free shipping, covered by Faire.